Monday, November 29, 2010

Creekside RV Park

This morning we left Roanoke behind and traveled 236 miles to Creekside RV Park here in Pigeon Forge, TN. This was our longest days drive so far, but it was easy thanks to light traffic, good roads and perfect weather. We added $169 in diesel fuel to our tank but it only cost us $69 thanks to the gift card Martha's co-workers gave us before we left home. Thank you everyone at The Goddard School! We actually got off to a frustrating start when we woke up to both frozen water and sewer lines. While I wasn't surprised by the frozen fresh water line the frozen 3" sewer hose was not what I expected. It was 26 degrees this morning, only 2 degrees colder than the prior morning when we had no problems, so why all the ice? Once we got things defrosted we agreed to take the hoses in when cold snaps are predicted and not take chances again; we're still learning the ropes so a lesson earned is a lesson learned. Despite the rough start our day ended with the perfect campsite here in Tennessee; good bye ghetto campground Roanoke.

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