Saturday, October 30, 2010

Made it to Trumbauersville, PA

Breaking camp after 6 months in one place proved more difficult than we imagined but we've managed to take the first small step of our journey. This morning everything seemed to be going well until we raised the leveling jacks but continued to get a "jacks down" warning alarm every time we started the rigs' motor. Once this was sorted out we realized all six tires were 10 lbs. under inflated and needed air. On board we carry a small 12 volt compressor but this is a slow process with a little portable machine. Whilst dealing with these issues we found we STILL HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF! As late in our eleventh hour as last night at 8:00pm I closed yet another Craigslist transaction under a Coleman lamp at our campsite. Our towed Jetta is filled to the point where only the driver can get in and I continue to ask myself; will we ever be free of all this stuff?

That day WILL come. We escaped today............what a great feeling!

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