Thursday, October 28, 2010

Squeaky Clean Travel Companion

While making preparations for a Saturday departure the travel team agreed (2-1) Charlie needed some sprucing up for the trip ahead. A file storage tub and the motorhome's hot'n'cold spray nozzle in the water and sewer compartment made for the perfect dog wash. She didn't appreciate the experience of course, but once she was rinsed off and had soaked up some warm afternoon sun, she was no worse for wear.

The new storage batteries are installed and the cores returned. Not a bad job, really, if you don't mind being hunched over on your knees under the overhead door for two or three hours. I double checked and triple checked my wiring diagram before turning the power back on and everything is good to go.

The solar panels had to be absolutely, positively installed before we could be on the road. I'm not going to even attempt to describe here what I went through to sort this out. Later I'll create a web page with all the details. The wiring still has to be done but once they are folded down flat they are good to travel too.

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