Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Downsizing

I put my trusty van up for sale this week. This has been a versatile vehicle I will be sorry to see go. I bought this 7 years ago to replace a Toyota pickup I had at the time. My feeling then was that the pickup style body allowed things to get wet and possibly stolen from the truck bed. The van has fixed these issues and sooo much more. With the seats in place the van could seat 8 people and was a great family vehicle to take on vacation or anywhere we needed a roomy car. With the seats removed sheetrock or plywood would fit right in and the vehicle towed every bit as well as the pickup did too. Bulk wood chips and firewood were the only things the van couldn't do well. I read a joke somewhere that "you know your a redneck if you know how many bales of hay you can fit in your car". I could get 12 in.

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