Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Send-offs Begin

Yesterday we attended a nice send-off luncheon at Martha's cousins' in New Jersey; Tim and Claudia Mattson and their four daughters. We were happy to finally see their lovely home that Tim has done such a great job remodeling. They served a delicious meal with baked chicken, stuffed shells, salad and numerous desserts. Also there were Aunt Georgia, Aunt Naomi, Uncle Nap and Paul Mattson. Greg joined us as well and spent the night with us here at Sylvan Lake. We thank everyone for their culinary contributions and their blessings for the journey ahead of us.

Last week we also enjoyed a tasty tenderloin dinner with good friends Sue and Al; we will miss them dearly. In the week ahead we look forward to more send-off gatherings at our respective jobs and one with our friends here in New England. As we say so-long to friends, relatives and co-workers we are often asked if the purpose of our adventure is to find the perfect place to settle down. At this point that is not on our minds at all; we simply want to live like nomads.

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