Monday, October 11, 2010

Selling Firearms

Yesterday, for the first time I listed a rifle for sale on the internet. I thought this was going to be a complicated process but it turned out to be easier than an ebay auction. First I opened an account at and then I perused a few auctions to see how people were handling shipping and how many photos they were posting. Now, to ship guns legally, they have to move from one licensed dealer to another, never from one private individual to another. So my next step was to contact a local firearms dealer (FFL for short) to learn about the details for handling this transaction. I was surprised to learn that he would handle everything for just $35, and this includes the packaging of the rifle. Such a deal! The only other cost are the actual shipping charges. Here's a link to my live auction running right now: Live Firearms Auction I already have 5 bids, this is so exciting!

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