Friday, October 8, 2010

I can't seem to finish selling

Although we're out of our house there are still a few things left to liquidate. At this point I'm weary from the whole process of selling on Craig's list and eBay. I am tired of hearing that the check is in the mail, of waiting for people who don't show for an appointment, of being asked to hold an item until they get paid in 2 weeks, of people wanting a partial refund because the item wasn't as expected and it goes on and on. It didn't used to be this difficult when we had a normal economy, but I guess the new norm is what we have now. Below is a real auction I posted on eBay last week. My friend, Sue also an eBay enthusiast, said it's "a classic" and that I should post it here because it exemplifies my current attitude for this whole business.

Large lot of Professional Quality Woodworking Drill Bits

Starting bid: $25

Most of these bits are Greenlee or Forest City. All are multi-spur or brad point woodworking bits, not metal bits. Most are pretty sharp, some are new, some are dull. When I took the first 3 photos I thought I had found them all but of course later I found more. The forth photo is what I found the next day. Since then I found even a few more. So, the winning bidder will get everything you see here in the 4 photos plus a few more. I don't have the time to measure all these bits and list the sizes here. What you see is what you get plus a few extras. Somebody, please bid on these or I will have to throw them in the trash and nobody wants to see good tools thrown away do they? I do not sell anything for less than $25 anymore because it is not worth the time it takes to do the whole eBay listing process plus the fees, shipping and handling. That's why these go in the dumpster if no one bids on them. Thanks for looking!!

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