Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Bye Pacific Northwest

With a good deal of reluctance we packed up this morning, vacated our wonderful campsite, and left the Pacific Northwest behind. The stormy weather now over, sunny skies above, in just ten minutes we were in California, looking forward to Redwood National Park. Where will we park the RV? Surely, it won't be as perfect as the spot we just left.

Will you look at this, yet another amazing campsite right on the Klamath River. In the first hour we saw pelicans, a seal, a loon and a heron; how will we ever be able to leave?

Our location is less than a half mile from the mouth of the river. In the next day or two we're going to paddle our fearless Sea Eagle kayak out to the giant sandbar where the river meets the ocean surf. Unlike most rivers we've seen , which were made into harbors, this appears to be as it was 100s of years ago. No jetties, no lighthouse, no marinas; just a few thousand years of Native Americans fishing for Salmon.

This is the natural mouth of the Klamath River as seen from atop a 600 ft. overlook. I spoke with a Yurok Native today who told me it is not always possible for man or Salmon to pass from ocean to river, or Vice versa. We will find out.

O.K., we knew this was a tourist trap. What the heck, for $5 we'll give it a go. LOL


  1. have fun at the sure to visit Battery Lighthouse if you can!!

  2. i just came back from there. Make sure you go and see the giant Elk herd. I think it's somewhere around Dixon (?) Road. The Visitor Center will tell you where they are. Truly amazing. I love your pictures!

  3. Your header photo today is stunning!

  4. It's so fun to see pictures of places we visited last year. Brings back so many good memories. Have fun.

  5. That header photo out of the Sea Lion Caves is really great!!!!