Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Storm Brewin'

We have a ring side seat for what is suppose to be a lot of rain and 60 mph gusts blowing in here this afternoon. When we pulled into Harris Beach State Park, Brookings, Oregon yesterday we were able to get one of only about three ocean view campsites. We got this great site largely because The State Parks are no longer taking reservations. First come, first served is now the norm and we love it! We're also lucky this site puts our nose directly into the wind so we can ride out the storm better. So far we're seeing white capped rolling waves and 20 mph gusts on the anemometer.


  1. Was thinking of you w/ that big storm brewing. LOVE that site you've got.
    Also REAALY love your header pic...the mist gives it a lovely, romantic quality.

  2. Beautiful site. Hang on tight through the storm.

  3. great spot for storm watching!!!...lucky you!!!