Monday, October 17, 2011

California's Lost Coast

This evening we welcome new follower; " The Wanderer". Thanks for joining us, we appreciate your companionship.

I don't think it's entirely accurate that I labelled the header photo The Lost Coast. The black sand beach photo below is where the 23 mile foot trail begins and heads down along the Lost Coast towards Shelter Cove. The 100+ mile drive we took was as thrilling and beautiful as it was rough and steep; not a road for a motorhome or trailer for sure. Here's an animated map of the route: A Sunday Drive

Though the road is paved you can see how rough it is.

Along the way we were surprised by two of these beauties on one of the few farms along the way.

A grove of Madrone trees were just some of the amazing trees we found. The Rockefeller Redwood grove is much better than The Avenue of the Giants if you ever visit this area.

Along this route we passed through Ferndale, which has more pristine Victorian homes and businesses than I've ever seen. This is just a random sampling; there are many, many more:

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  1. love the animated map!!..going to have give that a try one day!!!