Friday, October 21, 2011

Amazing Eureka

Our latest campsite is next to a Redwood. This photo is a bit deceptive as the trunk of this Redwood is 15 feet in diameter and the tree is far too short. It's actually a cluster of small Redwoods growing out of an old stump, whose lumber was harvested decades ago.

The quintessential Victorian home of Victorian homes; the Carson Mansion on the Eureka waterfront.

Some of the best murals we've seen are here in Eureka; here are three we found.

Blue Ox Millworks, a Victorian Millwork Shop, School and Museum was at the top of my must see list here in Eureka.

Here, master woodworker, Eric, showed me how this pedal powered 19th century scroll saw worked.

The coolest thing about this shop is that most of the tools are 100+ years old but are still used today to create beautiful custom millwork for current projects throughout the country. Eric even showed me photos of a recent job he did for a house in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Eric demonstrated how well this 19th century hand cranked table saw cut and could power feed at the same time.


  1. Love those murals and that house is awesome. Jim would love that museum so it is now on our list.

  2. great header shot and thevictorian house is spectacular and so are the murals!!amazing photography!!