Monday, December 5, 2011

It Sure is Cold

I can't believe how cold southern Arizona is for this time of year. Early this morning it was 22F degrees and it's going to be even colder tonight. I think the high today was only 45F degrees. Many of the blogs I read regularly; Travel with the Bayfield Bunch, Wheeling It, and Retired Rod, find their publishers also dealing with extreme cold throughout other parts of Arizona. I hope everybody stays warm and doesn't have any freeze ups.

It was a surprise to see snow on the Huachuca Mountains this morning. I heard that the Fort Huachuca blimp is a new replacement; the old one having crashed. From a distance, this one looks like a tasty Goldfish.


  1. Last years record cold broke many water lines and pumps in Cochise County. It was sad to see so many of the older long established Cactus froze up and done for. Many nights in the Sulphur Springs Valley are colder than our area of southern Ontario back home. So far it doesn't look like this winter is going to be much better. Not looking forward to those cold nights!!

  2. It's most definitely been colder than I expected this past few weeks. Last year was pretty chilly and looks like this year may be the same!