Thursday, December 22, 2011

Montezuma Pass

Since we last visited The Coronado Forest there was a major fire that threatened near-by Sierra Vista. At one point it was so intense that my sister had to be evacuated from the assisted living home where she lived then.

Expecting to find fresh snow and evidence of forest fire we drove through Hereford and Palominas, one of prettiest parts of southern Arizona, made even better by the recent snow still on the mountain tops.

Sure enough, we saw plenty of burnt and blackened Arizona Oaks, Mesquite Trees and Yuccas.

The light snow dusting near the top had the appearance of confectionery sugar.

From the peak we could see across the international border (black diagonal fence line) into Mexico.

This morning we welcome new followers Jeanie & Ray. Thanks for coming aboard; we appreciate your support.


  1. We are wondering if it was the Coronado Peak drive you took. That's the southern most one which goes by the Coronado State Park Visitor's Center. Did you come across any road closures because of the fires?

  2. We thought the road might be closed because of the snow. There were no closures up to the peak. The road to Parker Lake appeared to be open too, though we did not go there.