Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The San Pedro River

Not far from Whetstone where we're parked is the San Pedro River which flows north out of Mexico. The river is flowing pretty strong here where it passes through the old town of Fairbanks, but just a few miles north in Benson, there appears to be no water at all. Despite this appearance there is actually a good deal of water just below the surface, which allows residents along this river to have a plentiful water supply for irrigation, ponds and other uses.

The river is a great place for our Beagle, Charlie, to run free too.

In places where the river has receded the mud is baked and cracked from the warm Arizona sun.

There's still a few old buildings and a graveyard at Fairbanks, along with a network of good hiking trails. The historic train robbery of 1900 is often reenacted here at various times of the year. Pick up a copy of The San Pedro Valley News-Sun to find performance dates.

Your not allowed to enter these old buildings-this sign would discourage most people, don't you think?

A few days ago we visited the The Bayfield Bunch on the ranch in McNeal where they're staying. You'll find almost the exact same photo on their blog, which AL named "The Saturday Boys".

It sure was great to meet them after reading their blog the last couple years and nearly crossing paths a few times as well.

Being linked to a popular blog like the Bayfield Bunch really increased our traffic and added 3 new followers. We'd like to welcome Aaron, Happy Trails and Page Harris to the blog today. Thanks for joining us and sharing your comments.

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