Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Negro Bill Canyon Trail

Before leaving Utah we had one more trail we wanted to hike; The Negro Bill Canyon Trail which leads to Morning Glory Natural Bridge. This 4 1/2 mile round trip hike turned out to be one of the best trails we've done here in Utah. It's a trail full of surprises at every turn and the natural bridge at the end is huge, 243 feet wide!

The mountain stream is beautiful and has to be crossed several times.

Sometimes the trail led us into deeply wooded shade. There was lots of poison ivy to watch out for too.

Sometimes the trail follows riverbed ledge rock and rim rock too.

Click on this photo to get a sense of scale.

The trail sometimes required some rock climbing as well.

Morning Glory Natural Bridge up ahead. Once we got to the bridge we found it difficult to get a good photo.

The canyon comes to an end right under the natural bridge. It's a cool, cave-like environment where a lot of hikers like to hang out before heading back to the trail-head.


  1. I agree, great trail for sure & I think we all got a few soakers crossing back & forth across the little creek. Muddy paws & muddy feet:)) What a great land this is......

  2. Love the walking stick!
    How about some pics of Terry?