Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arches Nat'l Park, Day 1

I labelled this post Day 1 because we will definitely come back to see more. There is just too much here to see in one day.

This morning we welcome new followers Runningliner and Michael Kane. We are happy you've joined us and appreciate your support.

Landscape Arch, the quintessential arch of arches, seen on all the park websites and brochures. At 306 feet wide, and so remarkably thin, it is truly magnificent.

The weather here can change rapidly, like no place we've seen. It has rained twice at our campsite, with violent wind gusts that seem to arrive from out of a perfect calm.

This is called Park Ave.

Click to enlarge this photo and you'll see two rock climbers on this towering spire.

Balanced Rock is the name of this formation.


  1. Great photos & they bring back pleasant memories for me of our visits to the Park. Just a great, great place to be with all it's natural beauty. Sure wished I was out there where you guys are..........

  2. Great pictures! I just love Utah!

  3. We have been to Arches several times over the years. The first time was early in the morning when the sun was just coming up and everything was golden. Took your breath away! The same as seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. Great pictures!