Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Escalante to Boulder Drive

Utah rte. 12, between Escalante and Boulder is not a drive for the faint of heart. We first learned of this on the Wheeling It blog where Paul loses a night sleep in anticipation of driving their 40 footer over this stretch of road. After doing my own research I also began to feel a bit of fear and dread creep into my own good nights rest.

The drive includes 8%-14% grades with many sharp curves going down the canyon and as well as climbing back out.

Down, down, down the canyon we go, headed for the Escalante River, our mighty Caterpillar pistons holding our 15 tons back at a comfortable 30 mph. We disconnected the car for this drive but in hindsight it was unnecessary. True, our coach is a bit underpowered when trying to maintain 70 mph on steep interstate grades, but here where 40 mph was top speed, I had plenty of horsepower.

The "Hogback" is really the only intimidating part of the drive. This is where you are actually driving right along the mountain ridge with no shoulder or guard rail on either side. If you dare take your eyes off the road to look, all you see are bottomless abysses on both sides. The road designers also included some curves just to keep you on your toes. Seriously though, check the weather and change your plans if high winds or snow are forecast.

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  1. I remember that drive well. I think you captured Hogsback beautifully with that last shot (much better than any shot I got of it!).
    Happy you enjoyed the ride!