Sunday, May 22, 2011

Capital Reef and other Rock Photos

This morning we left Torrey and headed to Moab, Utah.

It wasn't easy to leave a peaceful, free campsite with 360 degree views of some of the most beautiful rock formations and mountains in Utah. And Charlie will most likely have to get re-accustomed to using a leash wherever we next set up camp, but it's time to move on.

Capital Reef Park is difficult to capture in photos. When I try to think of how to describe it one word comes to mind: MAJESTIC!

Throughout the park we saw many rocks that could have fallen yesterday. They could have fallen a thousand years ago, or this morning for all we know. Just not today, please!

Petroglyph carvings can be found on many of the cliff faces.

Hickman Natural Bridge; Capitol Dome under the arch in the distance. This was a moderate one mile hike to get here.

These round, volcanic rocks are common throughout this part of Utah.

Some unusual hoodoos in the Devil's Garden.

Red slickrock in the Devil's Garden.

A fragile arch in the Devil's Garden.


  1. Utah is one of my favorite States. Haven't made it to Capital Reef yet but have been to Moad & surrounding area a couple times. Great looking boon docking site you had. Our kind of RVing for sure:))

  2. Capital Reef is my favorite place on the planet. It's still so wonderful to have an uncrowded National Park so filled with wonder. I have camped there many years in tents, but still curious where your boondocking site was located. Trying to figure out the formations. Those sandstone names are like music to the ears during a long winter. Moenkopi is my favorite.

  3. LOVE that place. It's just so surreal and cool.

    Are you gonna share that gorgeous boondocking site? :)