Monday, May 23, 2011

Moab, Utah

Yesterday we had a pleasant easy drive from Torrey to Moab. After nearly a week of being camped off-grid we stayed at an RV park so we could empty our waste tanks, get fresh water and do some laundry. This morning we were able to escape from the park and find a nice BLM site just 2 miles from Moab, right on the Colorado River.

It's a bit hard to see here but the Colorado River is just 25 feet behind our rig at the base of the rock cliff. This is the Goose Island campground; though we can't figure out how it got that name.


  1. We know exactly where you are along the Colorado River there. Great spot for sure. There is a nice hike down the road from you at the Negro Bill trail & there is a great scenic loop drive near you that goes through Castle Valley & up through the Manti La Salle Forest looping back into Moab. There's was a quaint little diner in Moab called Milt's that we had some good hot dogs at too.

  2. Looks very nice! We are headed towards Capitol Reef in a few weeks...where could we find that beautiful boondock spot you were at?

  3. Beth, The site we stayed at is on rte. 24, west of the park. It's on the north side of the road less than 1/2 mile outside the park. Be sure to hike the trail at the back of this site; it's as nice as anything in the park itself.