Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miracle of the Internet

67 years ago my father shipped out overseas to parachute into France for the Normandy Invasion. Of course I didn't know this as he hadn't yet come home from the war, met my mother and I wouldn't be born for another 8 years. How my grandparents must have worried about him, with intermittent snailmail being the only way to communicate. If you've seen the movie Saving Private Ryan you realize it was next to impossible to find an individual soldier.

Although our son, Zach, shipped out to Afghanistan last month we are able to communicate with him almost daily thanks to the wonder of the internet. This is the reason you'll find a Kabul, Afghanistan clock here in the margin of this blog. We still worry about him, but are proud of his accomplishments in the service of our country.

Zach is a Black Hawk Maintenance Technician as well as a helicopter gunner, or "Stewardess with a Gun" as he is called by the pilots.

Zach calls this photo "The View from my Office"

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