Friday, March 18, 2011

"The Best Seafood in the Desert"

Tonight we welcome new followers, Rick and Paulette. Rick and Paulette is a name we recognized immediately as bloggers we have followed while making our decision to travel full time. We are very excited to have such seasoned and experienced RVers join our site! Thank you for your support.

After 3 months at one location we are pleased to announce our decision to move onward. While it has been wonderful to experience someplace new with some degree of depth, we are both ready for some new scenery. Our business completed with my sister, and the cold weather waning, we are anxious for the next adventure. We visited Connie today so she could spend some time outside the nursing home to try a seafood restaurant she heard about in Sierra Vista. She and I both considered this recommendation with a good deal of skepticism, but our hopes outweighed our doubts, so we gave it a try.

Mariscos Chihuahua roots go back to a small seafood stand opened in 1971 in Nogales, Mexico. Today they have restaurants in Phoenix, Tucson, Nogales as well as Sierra Vista.

Connie and I started out with a dozen raw oysters, as fresh and tasty as any I have ever had. You won't find lobstas', chowda or a huge variety of seafood, but, what you will find here are more than a dozen Cameron (shrimp) entrées as well as Pulpo (Octopus), Calamar, Marlin and a variety of Ceviche dishes, all very fresh due to the multiple shipments they receive throughout the week. At $9 for a dozen oysters and $12 max for the entrées this restaurant is a bargain and highly recommended!!

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  1. 3 months in one spot is a looooooong time. We wouldn't normally stay in one spot that long but the last few years with the ranch sitting jobs we have found ourselves rooted to one spot longer than usual. A week or two is generally long enough in one spot for me.