Sunday, March 27, 2011

Camped in the Sonoran Desert

After hiking in the desert several times we finally got to make camp here. This park, ten miles west of Tucson, is like being in a land created by Dr Seuss. Absolutely nothing here resembles anything back in Connecticut, and every night the coyotes yip, howl and carry on at all hours. We are lovin' it!!

Who is that behind those Foster Grants? Martha got some new shades today.

Some how we always manage to find a site where the sun rises on one side of the rig and sets on the other. Actually it's not all luck; every time we pick a site considerations include solar orientation, prevailing winds, site topography, views, neighbors, highway noise, how it feels and whether or not we agree on it. Then again, many times we have to suck it up and take what we can get.

Making sun tea in the desert is a breeze!

Charlie knows how to cool off in the afternoon desert sun!


  1. Great site, is that a "free" site or BLM LT?


  2. No, this Gilbert Ray. There is BLM land very near here supposedly closed until April 1st. If that information is correct we will move over there next.