Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blissful Boondocking

Yesterday morning we finally left the RV Park in St. David, AZ and got back on the move. It felt wonderful to get the big wheels rolling again and head out into the western sky, across a vast Arizona valley, along a traffic free secondary road (still a 65 mph speed limit, just not an interstate). We didn’t go far, just 75 miles or so, but arrived at a peaceful, boondock campsite by early afternoon. Located in Gardner Canyon (Lat. 31.72189 N, Long. 110.71391 W) we occupied one of the huge primitive camp sites about 5 miles back on a dusty, washboard road in the middle of nowhere. There were no other RVs, houses or lights in sight; just rolling grass lands, oak trees and buttonwoods in every direction. We would really have liked to stay longer, but with no Verizon internet or cell service it just doesn’t work for us. The other problem is it wouldn't be wise to leave the rig for a day trip somewhere else in the car. So, we enjoyed the total solitude and an evening campfire for one day before heading west towards Tucson.

Entrance to Gardner Canyon. Sign warns that this is legal road and a drivers license is required.

Arizona Oaks and Buttonwoods are in abundance here along this dry arroyo.

This one site could have accommodated at least four RVs without being the least bit crowded.

Just 5 miles of towing turned our car a different color.

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