Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rattlesnake Crafts

Entrance to Rattlesnake Crafts & Rocks, Gleeson, AZ, 15 miles east of Tombstone via the unimproved gravel Gleeson road.

Can you find Martha in amongst all these treasures?

The main showroom and gift shop. There are thousands of items inside, all handmade from gem stones and rattlesnakes. These include knives, earrings, ties, money clips, belts, wallets and more. Martha picked out a nice snake skin hair clip.

No one minds the store; it's self-service, cash or personal check.

There's a wide variety unique items; geodes, sculptures, firearms, art work and other collectibles-none of it for sale.

A car in Bisbee, AZ. Only in the Southwest!

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