Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ramsey Canyon-One More Time

This morning we planned to visit Fort Bowie but at the last minute learned that there is an event day there in early February, so we decided to mark our calendar and wait until then. On our first visit to Ramsey Canyon we had arrived very late in the day while most of the canyon was in deep shadow. Since I needed to visit Lowe's for some electrical hardware for our solar panels and our $5 Ramsey Canyon admission tickets were still valid we headed to Sierra Vista.

The canyon was better with more sunlight and clouds.

"The grand View" Even grander than the first time we saw it.

This time we got to see a couple of Coue (miniature deer, pronounced "cow") foraging in the dry grass. They were probably here the first time but they blend in so well they are very hard to find.

Martha waited patiently under a 250 year old Sycamore while I stood frozen, waiting for the Coues to move closer together.

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  1. Sure would like to see Ramsey Canyon when all the birds & butterflies are there.