Monday, January 17, 2011

Coronado National Memorial

From the Coronado Peak looking east at the gravel road we just climbed, much of it in first gear. By days end we drove the Jetta in first gear more than we ever had before; Oh to have a Jeep!

The dark diagonal line in the valley is the border. Mexico on the right, USA on the left. We are at about 6500 feet here.

Numerous Border Patrol vehicles and signs like this are a constant reminder that the border in close by.

I believe this device is a sophisticated motion detector that scans the distant border in the valley below.

Martha is looking north while the Mountains in Mexico are behind her to the south."Buenos días en México"
Parker Lake is on the western side of the Coronado Peak. The road getting here from the peak is wickedly rugged, better suited for 4x4s and Humvees (of which we saw several today from Fort Huachuca), but the Jetta came through for us. I told Martha its not so hard on the car, it builds character. We also didn't have to go back the same way we came. To see this roadway at its worst, check out The Bayfield Bunch Visit earlier this month.

The solar array at the Parker Canyon Lake Store and Marina. It's totally off the grid.

What a perfect day. About 65 degrees here in the mountains and 75 degrees in the valley.


  1. Glad you folks enjoyed that Coronado/Parker Lake drive. So nice to be able to get out into the back country. So much to see in this area. Next time your in the Coronado bring a couple flashlights along & check out the Coronado Cave. You passed it on your way to the peak & it's not too far from the visitor's center...

  2. We did very much enjoy that back country drive. I wish the day had been longer!

    Your cave photos are great, as are all your pix! We do intend to go back for the cave. Have you been to Kartchner Caverns? I was there 3 years ago but I see the price is now $22.95. Sheeish! why so high; we visited Carlsbad Caverns in December for $6 each.