Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Odds and Ends

The last few days we haven't really done much but have gotten a few things accomplished. Finally, we worked out a plan with VW Leasing to buy the Jetta outright. The easiest thing seems to be telling them we have moved permanently to Arizona and handle things that way. A nomadic lifestyle, LLC Corps. and PMB mailboxes are not things a leasing company understands. Once we have a title we can register it as we wish and at least if will be off the Connecticut property tax list.

I removed the original mirror next to our refrigerator and replaced it with a bulletin board. The mirror was designed to make the space feel larger and sell motorhomes; a bulletin board is much more useful to us. We're also expecting a rug to arrive today; the floor on this RV will freeze your toes right off on these cold desert mornings!

We paid a brief visit to Fort Huachuca this week. Thanks to our son, Zach, we have been on a number of Army bases the last couple years (he's currently at Fort Campbell, Kentucky). I think Fort Huachuca is the nicest base we've seen. The mountain backdrop, modern barracks and housing, horse stables and confusing road system makes this an interesting post (a lot of traffic circles like Boston). Lots of restaurants and shopping are just outside the gates in Sierra Vista as well.

There's a huge stable on the base. It looks to house at least 50 horses, maybe more.

We pass through a border patrol check point routinely every day. Now that we've been through several of these I understand the pattern. There is a check point on every north bound lane within an approximate 50 miles of the border. Unless there is a lot of traffic it goes pretty fast.

Driving through the San Pedro River Valley is always a thrill. The vast plain of the valley and looming mountains on all sides is breathtaking.

A sunset from the roof of the RV.

Little neck clams found in Sierra Vista! Thanks to Fry's supermarket which is huge and has it all. Back in Connecticut clams were a staple I ate at least once or twice a week; would I find them here in the desert?

I don't know exactly what it is about mollusks but I love them steamed, grilled, baked stuffed, raw, fried or frittered. Now that I have them how shall I prepare them? After careful consideration of these precious gems I decided stuffing them was the right choice.

I ate a couple raw first to see how fresh they tasted. Perfect!!!!! Then I steamed them. No duds; all 12 of the clams popped right open while in the steamer. They are definitely fresh!

The finished product; delicious! More than I can finish too; lunch tomorrow as well.

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  1. Yumalicious! Great idea on the bulletin board...anything to help keep us organized, huh!
    Loved the sunset picture!