Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Love Lake Whitney Texas


We liked Lake Whitney so much we decided to stay a whole week. Not only do we love this state park for the peacefulness and views of the lake but we have made some new friends too. My aunt and uncle in Pennsylvania had introduced us via phone to Clif and Carol who have been full-timers for 6 years. When we saw their blog and photos of Lake Whitney we decided to try and catch up with them as we headed south in pursuit of some warmer weather. We met up with them on Sunday, swapped stories and toured each others rigs and have started a new friendship -- awesome! and we also found the warmer weather -- 73 degrees here today.

Our front windshield provides an excellent view of Lake Whitney to the southwest.

The campsite is huge with an abundance of mature trees and filtered sunshine.

The sun rises in our bedroom and sets in our living room; what more could you ask for?

Like duh! I guess when you get used to 70 mph speed limits on secondary, non limited access roads you need to be reminded to slow down.

'saw our first armadillo today, a little young-un, and later we saw a roadrunner as well, but he was too fast for my camera.

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