Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hunkered Down in Benson

While most of our blog entries have been about the fascinating new (and warmer) places we visit, for the present southern Arizona is unusually cold and windy. With temps in the 30s and our anemometer recording wind speeds in the 25 mph range it was a good day stay inside and prepare some taco soup in the Crock Pot. The local news here is filled with stories of road closings and warnings about temps dropping far below freezing. If it does snow in Tucson the roads are closed; end of story, there are no plows here to clear the streets. My short drive into town today included some light sleet and snow but it was actually the wind driven tumbleweeds that hindered my travel. These lightweight 3 foot diameter bouncing dead weeds probably wouldn't do the car any harm but I chose to avoid them when possible.

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