Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Carlsbad, New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns is better than all the other caverns I've been to during my lifetime. End of rave! A must see!

The highway sign for the cavern is the same as it was in the days of "Leave it to Beaver". We had lunch there and give it a 4 star, farm to fork recommendation.

Once you leave the highway there's a 7 mile climb up through Walnut Canyon to get to the Cavern. A bonus we didn't expect!

The natural cave entrance looking up, way up! Down we go, 750 feet down a 20 percent grade to reach the bottom. We walked about 3 miles today, underground!

Ranger Martha

Mmmm??? Stalagmite or stalactite? Tights fall down, right?

Some cave formations are most unusual.


  1. Wow, very interesting...I have never seen any RV Blogs with Jim Kunstler on their blog roll!
    Love it !
    I too follow his postings,
    as well as The Automatic Earth. Do you read Illargi & Stoneleigh ( Nicole Foss ) ?

    Also Gen at Market Ticker, but sometimes hard to wade through all his tickers.

    Best regards,

  2. Kelly,

    Thank you for your comment and the blog names that you follow. We will check them out. Martha and I have been following your travels for over a year now and love it; Al's great photos too! Your travel stories helped us make the decision to sell up and ship out. We're two months on the the road now and love it. I hope we cross paths. Merry Christmas from Benson, AZ!

  3. Nicole has a good ( but a little un-nerving) post at The Automatic Earth.

    Are you at the SKP Park in Benson?


  4. Automaticearth is a good read, thanks!

    Actually we are south of Benson, in St David.