Saturday, December 18, 2010

We don't want to Leave

It has been wonderful to spend a whole week in one place. We have made new friends, explored the small town of Whitney and been able to feel more at home in the rig (we let ourselves get a little messy). Terry even relaxed enough to sit outside in the sun while reading!!! But, since the high desert in Arizona is calling to us, tomorrow we'll hit the highway westbound towards New Mexico.

The bluff overlooking Lake Whitney has provided us with many memorable sunsets.

Many warm days have allowed us to explore most of the park on foot. The shoreline here offers sandy beaches as well as rugged mini-cliffs like this portion we traversed today.

This fossil-like impression was discovered on the shoreline by our new friends and neighbors, Clif & Carol. It's a big imprint of what?, is how old? -- any thoughts?

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