Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movin' on Out!

When the dumpster I ordered showed up yesterday we realized this is really happening. We took this whole week off to hopefully empty this house for the most part. At mid week we have come pretty far with most rooms nearly empty. The only furniture we have left in a dining room set, corner cupboard and a rocker. The bed we are leaving for the new owners so we never have to sleep on the floor.

In addition to packing boxes and filling trash bags we started packing the van to do the "Stormville Airport Ultimate Tag Sale" this coming Saturday. This will be our final effort to liquidate our remaining stuff for whatever cash we can. This particular flea market is frequented by many area "pickers"; so we will want to offer our goods at a price point that will allow them turn a profit when they resell our junk elsewhere.

Our van is packed floor to ceiling, front to back, plus whatever Martha can carry on her lap as well. I hope this sh*t sells! Well, if we don't do well all this stuff had to be removed from the house anyway. What do we do with what's left?

In between all this house clean out business Martha made time to clean a few hundred acorns off the driveway. It's been a banner year for acorns; the likes we haven't seen in 5 years. Every time the wind blows they fall like rain, hence the pith helmet she's wearing is an absolute necessity.

When our couches were taken away yesterday Charlie lost her favorite perch atop the couch pillows. She'll just have to tough it out in this bean bag chair we found in the attic.

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