Friday, September 10, 2010

Mac vs. PC

Recently I purchased a Macbook Pro laptop computer. I could have bought two Windows 7 laptops for the price I paid, but the only way I am going to settle the Mac vs. PC argument for myself is to use both for the next couple years. If looks count for anything, the one piece machined aluminum case is absolutely stunning when compared to my plastic Dell laptop. The Mac is also thinner than the Dell and doesn't have the battery protruding out the back like the 9 cell Dell battery does. Although the Mac's operating system takes some getting used to after using Windows for more than a decade this is what I like so far:
  • The Mac's back-lite keyboard is a joy to use in a dimly lit room.
  • The Mac connects to a WiFi network far better than the windows laptop, and it doesn't mysteriously drop off the network either.
  • The Mac boots up and shuts down much, much faster than the PC, and it doesn't ask you that stupid question: "Are you sure you want to shut down, someone else is using this computer".
  • Web Surfing with the Mac touch pad is easy once you get the knack for it. I don't find myself missing a mouse as much like I do on the Dell.
  • Martha, who unlike me types like a pro prefers the Mac keyboard by far over the Dell. Both machines are 15.4" laptops by the way.

While the game is still running so far it is Mac-06, Dell-zip! The only short coming I see on the Mac is that it has only two USB ports rather than four like the Dell. On the other hand I haven't needed the USB ports because the Mac will connect to my aircard supported wireless network whereas the Dell won't stay connected. This means I have to insert the aircard directly into a USB port on the Dell to connect to the internet. I am trying to solve this problem but for now it looks like the Dell will be relegated to other tasks like word processing and spreadsheets.

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