Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Almost Fulltimers

With only two days left before our house closing the pressure continues. We were able to fill this dumpster within a week; a week later I wish I had bought one 50% bigger. Where did we ever get so much stuff? For the past year I have been taking trash almost daily to the construction dumpster at work and still we continue to find more things we don't need or use. Have we been glutinous pigs for material things? Did we own this stuff or has the stuff owned us? I think we've been held hostage for years by this junk, but we are about to escape.

Of course not everything in the house is trash; we have packed what we think we need to take in the RV but look what we've done to the interior of our new home. Where will it all go? We even have a working antique grandfather's clock. Who the hell travels with a grandfather's clock (it keeps perfect time by the way)? Are we nuts or just having difficulty parting with a few of our favorite things? For the most part getting rid of our stuff has been an uplifting, freeing experience but we're both having difficulty dumping some of our things. I think it's hard because it is all happening all at once. For now we will finish with the house and deal with the motorhome next month. I just hope we don't have to leave in a hurry; there is no way we could close up our 4 slide-outs and get back to the legal 102" width! We could always get flags for the Jetta and travel as an oversize load.

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