Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The photo above and the new header photo is Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, which supplies 84% of San Francisco's water needs.

On the way into the park we looked for climbers on El Capitan but couldn't see any. They were there, but later learned it's very hard to spot a person on a 3000 foot vertical face. We met a climber who pointed out 6 climbers near the top. With binoculars we could seem them and a sleeping platform they carry to spend the night hanging in mid air. Yikes! sleeping while dangling like a spider on a thread; not for me!

Bridalveil Falls getting a bit wind whipped. Not a lot of water this time of year but still spectacular!

The famous Half Dome. The Ansel Adams Gallery in the Park is a must-see as well.


  1. What beautiful photos of a beautiful place. John Muir was right, it's a wonderland!

  2. perfection!..not too sure about sleeping suspended in mid air though??

  3. My aunt and uncle used to live just below one of the falls. (They worked for Park Service). It was sure nice seeing some of that place again!