Friday, November 4, 2011

Sequoia and Kings Canyon Parks

Maybe I should have captioned this post "Lots of tree photos, yawn". Anyway, after trying to catch up on lost sleep due to our location near the freeway, and the damn trains all night and day, we decided to go for the 180 mile loop drive that was necessary to see these two parks.

We wondered whether Sequoias could be all that much different than Redwoods. If a tree measures 20' in diameter or 30 feet, it is still impressive, don't you think? We were surprised how busy the park was this late in the season, tourists everywhere, especially at these famous named trees; at least they give a sense of scale to the photo.

We had an opportunity to drive through another tree. What the heck, it didn't cost $5 this time.

Whether you can get a sense of scale or not, these trees are magnificent!

At one time it looked like the road went under this rock.

There's a place or two along the way where we could see the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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  1. We loved driving through the giant trees. They are just so incredible.