Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a Difference a Couple of Days Make

Just a couple days ago ago it was Redwoods, Sequoias and cool mountain air. How quickly it all changes now that we've come down into the Palm Desert area.

I suppose these wind turbines are no big deal if you drive through the Palm Springs area all the time; but they are amazing just the same.

Entering Joshua National Park from the south entrance will quickly take you to an area where Chollas' grow in abundance.

Though most critters stay hidden mid day, this Desert Wood Rat showed himself briefly beneath a Cholla .

Joshua National Park is unique unto itself, though at times it reminded us of the Utah parks and Texas Canyon, Arizona.

Where do they get these names?

This side route through the park was freshly graded so we gave in a shot.

This park is really rocky at times, especially near the campgrounds which are very very nice, though we would never fit in any of them. I think 22' is the maximum allowed.

Nolina Perry is a member of the Agave family, a new one for us.

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  1. very nice photos today!!..thanks for sharing..looks like the weather is bee-u-tiful!!