Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Good Bye Cards are Printed

Before leaving we wanted to have a nice card printed with our contact information and web address; something better than a scrap of paper to leave with friends, neighbors and acquaintances. So, with Greg's help, we created the "Good Bye" card you see here.

I got the cards printed at this print shop in the Bronx. Note the used car dealer next door with the razor wire fence. Ten years ago I wouldn't have gotten out of my car in a neighborhood like this. Today, after working in the city for 12 years, I walk almost daily in neighborhoods like these. This is just two blocks from where Greg was stopped by an NYPD cruiser last week. The police just wanted to see if he knew where he was and whether he understood that this was a bad neighborhood. I guess he stood out from the crowd with his large backpack making him look like a college student ready for a trek across Europe.

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