Monday, August 16, 2010

Get More from your RV Drawers.

While I am generally pleased with layout and design of our motorhome I think the kitchen drawer arrangement could be better. As you can see in the photo above there are four kitchen drawers; all of them very deep. While these drawers are good for pots and pans, where does your silverware or cutlery go?

To provide a place for silverware I added a divided tray that slides left and right on two wood tracks I installed. The divided tray is just a common plastic drawer insert to which I added a wood frame. Now the drawer is doing double duty!

To the bottom drawer I added a J. A. Henckels cutlery holder I already had. This just needed to be cut down a little so that it now fits perfectly on the two tracks I added to the drawer.

To make the peninsula drawer more functional I added a sliding tray to hold a few desk items we use daily. A ream of printer paper fit perfectly below the tray.

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