Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fulltiming is Serious Downsizing

While we realized our decision to live full time in a motorhome would require a near total liquidation of our stuff, we more or less had forgotten about all the boxes stored in the attics of our home and barn. Some of these boxes haven't been looked at in nearly 40 years! These boxes have just moved with us each time we changed houses over the years. If we were just moving to a smaller house or apartment many of these boxes could, once again, move along with us. Not this time however. A lot of people would say if you haven't needed anything in the box for ten years you should just chuck it. I just have to have a look, so every time we stay in the motorhome I take a couple boxes with me and go through them. It's like how to eat an elephant; one bite at a time. Once I flip a box upside down I find all kinds of interesting things like old property deeds, 35 year old tax returns, cancelled checks from the 70s, old photos of family and past flames. The bulk of it has found a new use; start the campfire!

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