Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Should have Gotta Jeep

This morning we headed out to find a mountain drive we learned about from The Bayfield Bunch. As we headed into Bisbee the hillsides seemed redder than I remember and the Copper Queen Hotel seemed to pop out at me. I guess we've been visiting Bisbee too near evening, when the sun sets very early here.

After passing through The Mule Pass tunnel we found our way to N. Juniper Flats Rd. right where AL said it would be. Once again we found it necessary to abuse our car and drive on an unimproved road that really called for a Jeep.

Once we made it through the switchbacks, around the rock outcrops, up the steep slope the view was worth the physical abuse. There's Bisbee in the valley and Mexico in the distance.

We didn't make it all the way to the top where the microwave towers and antennas are but we were happy to find a few unique off-grid homes way up here.

This unusual home enjoys an outstanding view and few neighbors. My guess is that the hat shaped roof is designed to collect rain water.

We laughed when we found this Hoby Cat in somebody's driveway all the way up here. It always seem odd to see boats in Arizona, but up on this mountain top?

We made a quick visit to the USA side of Naco but not much here unless we missed something. The border fence can be seen stretching out for miles here.


  1. Glad you guys made the drive up there. Great views down Tombstone Canyon for sure. Neat-O houses for sure. The builder of that one house has an architect studio in Bisbee.

  2. After we left the Bayfield Bunch and Darby Wells, we got past Tucson heading east, we turned North from I-10 to highway 191. 191 also passes just east of Bisbee. Highway 191 takes us to Roper Lake State Park, near Safford AZ. Our favorite AZ State Park! Even has a natural hot spring there to soak in! Maybe we will head south next year to check out Bisbee! Loved the photo of the "hat house"!

  3. Oh, I remember that road... drove up there with Rosanna many years ago. I loved the inventive homes up there!

  4. Looks like fun...hope your vehicle is alright!

  5. Recognized all the pictures in your blog. Wonderful memories of my stay at the Ranch. I'm ready to go back. How are my furry friends - Charlie, Peirce & Gleason, & oh yes the donkeys. Checking your blog to see if there are anymore familiar pictures. Really like your header too. Safe travels.
    Bayfield Bunch's Aunt Jean in Florida