Monday, February 13, 2012

A Safe Return!!

Back in the USA -- our son Zach (21) arrived home safely in Tennessee today after a year in Afghanistan -- thanks to all our family and friends for their support this year!!

"Heli at Sunrise" (taken by Zach)

Pssssst, don't tell Enterprise we took their rental car to Rucker Canyon while our Jetta is in the body shop. No harm done, but a black car is not a good color for Arizona's gravel roads.

We had never been to Rucker Canyon, but were pleasantly surprised today. I am always amazed how just 20 miles distance here can turn into a different world. In just that many miles we left behind the agricultural and scrub brush flat lands of the Sulphur Springs Valley only to find ourselves in a forest of Oak, Pine, Juniper, Cottonwood, Sycamore and other large trees.


  1. So glad that Z is back in the U S of A! Welcome home soldier. thanks for your bravery and service.

  2. Thank Zack for his service and welcome home...

  3. Like Al and Kelly, we love Rucker Canyon. So glad your son is home safe and sound. We can totally empathize with you, our granddaughter is in the USAF, spent six months in Iraq and is now stationed in Italy.

  4. Zack looks so young.... I can feel your relief. It will be a happy reunion.
    I'm glad you got to Rucker Canyon. Did you get to the chocolate do in Bisbee ?