Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Punch List

Until we met with a couple Realtors this past weekend we thought we were making pretty good progress on our punch list. Though the Realtors were pleasantly surprised by our house they still had their own laundry list of improvements they'd like to see before showing it. Their suggestions were mostly related to painting and landscaping but will still involve many, many hours of more work.

The wall paneling, hall bookcase and mantel were finally finished last week. Twelve custom molding profiles were utilized to create this unique design.

The new marble and tile bath has been 95% finished for some time now. Still, the last few details seem to take the most time.

This 3' diameter circular window has been waiting for an extension jamb for 15 years! So, after 6 hours of work it's built and installed. Now all I have to do is make the circular casing which should take another 4 or 5 hours. Nothing is easy.

After working on the house for 10 hours Saturday and 5 on Sunday we had had enough. It was time to get away from the punch list and get in touch with our dream. Sunday afternoon we decided to set up the RV and spend the night. We had a few things to check off here but they seemed easy compared to the long list back at the house. We got the new sun screen installed on the windshield as you can see a bit of in the photo. It was cold enough that both furnaces ran all night but it was cozy inside.

I got to try out our new stainless steel grill which I am very pleased with. It rang true to the 5 positive reviews it received on Camping World.

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