Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Less Than Six Months to Go!

With less than six months to go it's sell, sell, sell. I started this process well over a year ago and still there is always more. Thank god for eBay and Craigslist! I've sold so much on eBay that I have had Powerseller status for the last nine months. You can check out my current items here: link
This past week was excellent with the sale of two woodworking machines and two large pieces of furniture. By offering delivery to the New York City area I have greatly increased my sales of these large items. Our truck driver has been more than happy to take a furniture item to anywhere in the tri-state area for $50. The buyers love it!

Now it's crunch time to get the house ready. I managed to fit the punch list on one page using small text. Details to follow.

How do you like the new look for the blog? Playing around with html and all this stuff is soooo much fun!

The roll top desk found a new home in New Jersey.

My shaper and jointer sold quickly for good prices. Out of 15 floor machines only 5 remain.

This antique Edwardian Demilune cabinet was one of my favorite things. Now it resides on Manhattan's lower east side. Was it hard to part with? Nah, its not like I can take it to the grave with me. LOL

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