Friday, April 23, 2010

Caged Cat!

For the past two weeks I've been wondering how we are going to move our cat, Happy, to Philadelphia where Greg and Jenny are going to adopt him and our beagle, Charlie. Charlie is easy but Happy hasn't been off the property or in a car since we brought him home 15 years ago. Because our vet always came to the house if needed he's never been in a cat carrier which we don't have. While considering some antique wooden boxes I had as a potential cat carrier I found a wire dog crate we had in the barn. Now, I just couldn't picture Happy going willingly into the thing. Fortunately the crate is 6 separate panels that connect together to form a rectangular cube. Since Happy is more or less a senior citizen of the cat world he sleeps a lot and always in the same bed which he commandeered from Charlie not long ago. We placed his bed on the dog crate base and slowly added more cage panels over the course of a week. Now he sleeps in the cage about 12 hours a day. How will he react when we carry him out to the car?

We got Happy at the animal shelter over 15 years ago. He was named Happy because he was from a litter of seven kittens, all named after the seven dwarfs. He's 14 years old in this photo. Handsome boy!

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