Sunday, October 11, 2009

Martha Goes Aloft

12' coach + 6' woman = 18' above the ground so high!

On our final day in Pennsylvania someone had to go up top to clean the acorns and leaves off the slide outs. Martha decided the time had come for her to try out the rear ladder and overcome her fear of being 12 feet off the ground. She did so with magnificent ease!

When we got home there was an interesting cloud over the lake the next morning. Check out the photo at the bottom.

Will this now become Martha's duty?

Looking aft in the compressed (travel) mode. The galley (left) and dinette (right) each move out about 2 feet to create a much larger living space.

The bunny cloud. Nutmeg, our pet rabbit for 3 years, died a few days later-weird huh.

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