Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

As the summer days started to grow shorter I began think about our imminent departure and how we will deal with the critters we've collected on our tiny farm. Just maybe, it might be a good idea to test the waters and see if there will be any marketable interest in the agricultural accoutrements we have collected over the past few years. I took a few photos and placed some ads on Craig's List only be blown away by the response. My ad for the chicken coop drew a huge response with people as far away as Albany ready to drop everything and come for the hens and their little shack.

Sky is Falling, Miss Broody and Freckles (Roadrunner astray as usual)

Home Sweet Home

Good bye Sky is Falling, Miss Broody, Freckles and Roadrunner. We will miss your delicious eggs.

We could have sold these ladies in a flash but decided we had parted with too much already. There is always a market for handsome livestock such as these girls, so we will wait until spring. (No, goats don't eat gourds or tin cans either. They do eat poison ivy, briar bushes, brambles, hostas, fruit trees and almost anything except grass)

This year was a poor season for honey bees but I was able to sell four hives rather quickly; and just four to go. Again the interest in anything agricultural amazes me. (try to sell some antique furniture; that is an uphill battle if there ever was one)

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  1. Now if only Greg & I could figure out how to bring and keep those bees in the back yard in Philly - is that considered a lease breach? =)

    Goodbye chickens - your eggs were tasty!