Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You can't not go to P town

It was a one mile hike around this pond

Martha admiring the lily pads

Lots of funky trees!

This is at least a 40' boat

Lobster bisque with sherry

We started the day off with a hike around a lily pad covered pond north east of Province Town. The trail was sort of a shaded tunnel cut out of the jungle surrounding the pond. We were glad it was shady as it was 88 degrees with high humidity. Afterword we decided to go into P town for lunch and to see the sights. At the main pier we could see a large sail boat heeled over at a steep angle. Upon closer inspection we could see that some visitors from Connecticut had tied their boat off at high tide unaware it would be aground in a few hours when the tide ebbed. At the very least the cabin must have been a mess. Beginning to feel a bit peckish we decided to eat at a harbor view restaurant called PePe's. We enjoyed excellent lobster bisque and a prosciutto, apple and brie panini. mmm Good!

Back at the campground I am amazed how quiet it is. This place is booked solid (high season) yet is so peaceful. The majority of our neighbors are Canadian and very friendly though they speak little english.

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