Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finally Got the Show on the Road!

It has been a long three months waiting to take Dessy for her maiden voyage but the time has finally come. Much of our recent efforts went into researching how to safely tow our VW behind the coach, but it has all finally come together in the 11th hour. As you can see in the top photo we are ready to roll as a single 60 foot long vehicle.

After about 7 hours driving time we arrived at Atlantic oaks Campground in Eastham, Mass on the Cape. It was my first time driving such a large vehicle but it turned out to be fun and exciting. Merging a 60 ft vehicle tested my nerves a bit but it was otherwise not so different from driving anything else. Actually, it reminded me of my first time on the race track when I attended SCCA racing school at Lime Rock Park. Once you get the first lap under your belt you are hooked. It is also nice to travel in a vehicle that has a clean restroom ready to go at all times!

Atlantic Oaks turned out out to be the perfect base camp for a week. Our wooded, shady campsite provides all needed utilities, wi-fi and an ideal mid-cape location.

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