Monday, July 23, 2012

We're Back!

Back in March when this blog site crashed my blogging came to a screeching halt. So much has happened since that time I don't know where to start.  First off I will have to learn how to use a new, revised Google blogger that looks totally unfamiliar to me. Secondly, this blog has a new address,so if you have this blog bookmarked or in your blog list you'll have to change the address.

Where do I start?  Well, we bought a house and now live in Tucson.  Actually we're in Catalina though our mailing address is Tucson.  For those of you who have camped at Catalina State Park we are just 10 miles north of there. I may as well start with what's happening today.  This morning for the first time two young Bob Cats came wandering through our yard. We are no longer surprised by anything we see as some kind of wildlife is always passing through.

Yesterday it was a herd of about 8 Javalinas that walked down our driveway. Look close at the bottom photo where there's a baby Javalina staying very close to his Mum.  All these photos were taken right from my living room.

Over the next few blogs I'll post more photos of the wildlife here in Catalina. I'll also put some photos of the house up. The new header photo is the view from our kitchen window BTW. Today we have Mexican masons putting up a wall for the pool I'm putting in.  These guys are great masons and hard workers, but it's been tough communicating with them as the boss only speaks Spanish.  The young fellow is bilingual and acts as our translator however so things are turning out just fine. I've also used Google to translate all the notations on my CAD drawings to Spanish.  They are pleased to have good drawings and the simple sketches I provide them.  They also do business differently from my American subcontractors like the plumber, excavator and Gunite installer.  Everything is on a handshake and cash basis; no contract with these amigos.

Here they are putting the scratch coat on the arch they built this morning. Today they shared some Mexican food with me and I provided the Cervezs. All is good!


  1. Hi Guys & welcome back to Blogland. Mighty fine looking place you have there & how fortunate to have such great scenery & wildlife. We've never been to Arizona in the summer & would love to experience the Monsoons sometime.

  2. Hurray ! have missed your blog... Is that going to be a adobe wall? We are thinking of something like that. How high is it?

    What does Charlie think of the wildlife?


    1. it's called a stucco wall -- and is 5 feet high -- Charlie likes the rabbits and lizards but is not fond of the monsoon thunder and the jackhammers of the construction workers!!